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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 30, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> the president of ecuador at attacked, state of the emergency declared. anti-government protests. a disputed site in india is divided between hindus and muslims. a massive bailout and ireland is forced to act again to stop a massive banking meltdown. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast to our viewers around the world and in america. the newly discovered planet that could support life. how do you get to be this old? the recipe for a long live according to france of's oldest
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living twins. -- france and's oldest living twins. a state of the emergency has been declared in ecuador after the president accused the opposition and security forces of an attempted coup. rafael correa was forced to flee the capital after tear gas was fired. troops were forced to take over the capital as the airport was closed. >> burning tires, teargas, and protests. these were not civilian demonstrators. they were the police. they will see cuts to their pay and benefits. dozens of national police officers chanted angry slogans
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and refuse to patrol the streets. they shot off the main runway, grinding all international air traffic to a halt. rafael correa gave a defiant speech. >> if you want to kill the president, here i am. kilmeade. kilmeade if you are brave. we will continue to follow one policy, one justice. we will not take one step backwards. if you want to end that pressure, and go for it. >> a few expect this protest will come to that. feelings are running high in ecuador. the top brass has expressed their support for the president, who is considering the option of
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dissolving parliament and a ruling by decree. the administration is deeply divided and his popularity has fallen over his management of the economy. " the backing of the military high command will do much to ensure his supporters. the president is not under threat for now. >> he joins us now from caracas. the events are moving very quickly here. >> there has been a state of emergency declared by rafael correa. peru has closed its borders. hugo chavez has come out in support of rafael correa. he is calling the other left- wing nations for their support, too. >> and do we know where the president is right now? >> we believe he is in a
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hospital, you saw the images of pushing and shoving it with the president. he was on the streets. during that period, a tear gas canister was to run. he gave an interview saying a member of his entourage had been injured. he criticized heavily the protesters for using such tactics. he himself it was unharmed. he is in this hospital and staying there for the time being. >> how much can he rely on fellow politicians and the military? >> and extremely good question. the military is key in this at the moment. we have seen the head of the armed forces was unequivocal in to support of rafael correa. all of the constitutional rights that go with the state.
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we also know that there are deep divisions within the party of rafael correa and that he was considering dissolving parliament because of some internal disputes that would allow him to rule by decree. the president decides not only will this be a state of the emergency, but he will rule by decree. that would be a serious development. >> thank you very much. this is one of the most divisive court cases in indian history. does the site of a demolished mosque belong to hindus or minority muslims. the court has finally ruled that it should be divided between the two groups. judges in the northern city were at the site where it indian activists brought down the
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mosque in 2002. >> it is the verdict that has had india on a knife's edge. the lawyers and emerge from the court. they have to fight their way through a media scrum to announce the judgment. control of the main portion of the disputed site, and going to the hindus. the dispute over the holy i site of ayodhya, cause some serious unrest. they believe it was built on the site of one of the most revered gods. in the riots that followed the demolished and of the mosque, around 2000 people were killed in some of the worst religious violence since the country's independence. in ayodhya, the ruling was
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greeted quietly. most people stayed off of the streets as police kept a vigil. heavy security is in place after the verdict was the liver. police are acting -- asking people to stay indoors and stay calm and not react to the verdict. these restrictions will remain in place. it is clear that this ancient dispute has not been completely resolved. with the case almost certainly going in to appeal, most people just want an end to the uncertainty. >> people have become more knowledgeable. temple versus mosque issue is not important. what we want is developed. -- development. >> this was his birthplace.
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>> many poor -- people believe that india has moved on. in this town revered by hindus, the feeling is that well -- when the state is respected, peace will prevail. >> officials in pakistan have stopped all those crossing at a border checkpoint going into afghanistan. they killed three soldiers. there is an investigation. kim jong-un on -- kim jong-un has taken his place to succeed his father kim jong il. the reigning tour de france champion alberto contador is fighting to save his career after testing positive for a banned substance during this year's race. he said that it was a clear case
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of contamination caused by eating uncooked meat. and island economy was hailed as a european success story. today, it fears it to take the debt crisis to new depths. nearly 40 billion pounds is required to bail out banks. that is equivalent to a third of the entire economy. ireland has endured one round of austerity measures. there is another round. >> the scars from the property boom are all too visible. they serve as reminders for the reason of the banking crisis. they have thrown a dark cloud over the stability of the economy. the bailout cost could be as much as 30 billion pounds. another bank needs extra cash.
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the government may have to take a majority shareholding. the finance minister said that the bills were horrendous. today's action should draw a line under the taxpayer liability. >> the taxpayer should have to downsize overtime to keep them from becoming a systemic threat. >> irish government borrowing this financial year was heading for nearly 12% of economic output. the latest bank bailouts are a staggering 32%. the u.k. deficit this year is forecast at around 10. a truck is posted with anti-bank slogans. the door is shut, making it harder to remove. >> these are regular people.
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>> i do not know what we can do about it. >> there are warnings that ireland, which has already faced up to this, should be braced for more austerity. >> you look at the downward spiral. most people are unemployed. finances get into a worse condition. ireland is desperate at the moment. >> irish entrepreneurs at built up property assets around the u.k. including a luxury hotel in london's west end. the irish bank has since been built up by the government. the u.k. bank also fuelled the irish property bubble. events in dublin will be watched closely in the city of london. a coalition of dutch parties hope to form the country's next
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government to have propose stricter controls on immigration. the freedom party is currently on trial for inciting hatred against muslims. you are watching bbc world news. still to come -- >> that is why we named the oil company after it. >> one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age, tony curtis has died at the age of 85. a global survey of the world's river systems has concluded nearly 18% of the world's population that lived near rivers under threat. developing countries are failing to address the underlying threats to sources of fresh water. >> much of the world fights for fresh water. many of us have clean water
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flowing into our homes on tap. there is no sign that in this inequity abating according to this. 18% of humans are exposed to potential threats from the rivers that they live near. that leaves the 3.4 billion people highly vulnerable. rich countries say that they could just spent to protect themselves. major western cities like london engineer their way out of danger without sufficient regard for biodiversity and sustainability. >> this is the latest project in london. they are working on a seven- kilometer tunnel which will act as an overflow pipe to make sure that this does not get into the water system. >> projects like these are tackling only symptoms to the underlying threats to our fresh water. >> london is a growing city.
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it has tripled in size since it was originally built. we are going to stop these overflows from where they happened. >> engineering works like this have a long track record that have separated humans from their waste. millions of lives could be saved. they say that more attention must be paid to the problems that we are storing up. this is upstream and downstream. >> and this is ""bbc world news". these are the top stories. a state of emergency is declared in ecuador. rafael correa accuses the opposition leaders of a coup attempt. the religious site of ayodhya is to be divided among hindus and
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muslims. one of the last surviving stars of hollywood's golden age, tony curtis died at the age of 85. he was in "some like it hot" passed away peacefully in bed. he received an oscar nomination for "the defiant ones." his career spanned more than six decades. he made it 126 films. our correspondent looks back on his life. >> i am posting my favorite new perfume. success. >> he was in the 1950's, hollywood's biggest star. he looked good, and even with a frock. "some like it hot" is a classic. >> that is my hobby. you might say that we have a
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passion for shells. that is why women to the oil company after them. >> the star came from nothing. his tongue gary and jewish family was poverty-stricken. hollywood was his escape. >> i wanted to show off. i wanted the adulation and the friendship and people patting me and thanking me. >> he felt like hollywood never took him seriously. he starred alongside a man that had no talent -- no doubts about his talent, roger more. >> people started reflecting on the amount of work that he did in drama and comedy. he was wonderful in it "some like it hot." >> indeed win him an oscar nomination. behind all of the film roles was a private life blighted by drink and drugs. he did recover and regaling not
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people with tales of his wild youth. >> he was talking about maryland. at the time we saw him, he was 83. he was talking about his many escapades in hollywood. the various women that he went out with. >> there were many affairs and marriages from lee to his sixth wife that was more than 40 years younger than him. he was a genuine star. "some like it hot", a hollywood classic. >> looking back on a career. president obama's middle east envoy george mitchell has held critical talks with mahmoud abbas to try to keep at the agreement with israel from collapsing.
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benjamin netanyahu meese to extend his partial freeze on settlement building. he has been to the west bank settlement. >> israel never froze settlements in occupied east jerusalem. this has gone on since march. construction can begin in the west bank. when israel captured the land in 1967, building settlements was about creating a new reality. the idea was that if issues were settled on the land, it would become politically impossible to return it to arab control. more than 40 years on, it is looking like a pretty successful strategy. history is against the american envoy, george mitchell. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is deeply unhappy about israel not extending the
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partial settlement freeze. he is threatening to pull out. >> we are determined to continue. we are continuing our efforts to find common ground. >> on the way to his olive groves, a palestinian farmer said there would be nothing left to talk about if israel continue to build for the jews on the west bank. he lives just below a jewish settlement. he said that sewage from it is killing them. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. this is a small area. >> they were all killed by the sewage? >> all killed by the sewage. >> he cannot get to his trees that have been closed by the settlement. under international law,
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settlements by and occupier are illegal. they say that this is not occupied land, but jewish and theirs. >> may say that we have a biblical right on the area. i do not see us going anywhere. you see the grass and the trees outside. >> it is a biblical right, this land given by god to the jews? >> absolutely. >> the israelis are celebrating the jewish holiday, part of life in the holy city. so is conflict and so is diplomatic failure. the americans still hope they can change that. >> they have been underground. new pictures showed the is trapped chilean miners working hard. they are using heavy equipment to move the and debris produced
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by the drills that are widening the rescue shaft. >> deep underground, the miners can see and hear the progress being made above them. they are waiting for a rescue capsule. still working as a team eight weeks into their ordeal. they have cleared the debris with heavy machinery along side them. it is 7:52, checking his watch as he talks to the engineers on the surface. a 39-year-old miner looks in remarkably good health. once people to know that they are working well. the more debris that comes down shows the better progress of the drilling above. we showed these pictures to the father of the miner who filmed
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them. very good. broken drill bits of show the story of how difficult this rescue effort has been. tools often shattering on granite and other rocks separating them from the outside world. the rescued it is getting closer by the day. the families are thinking about their financial future. they are traveling to court by bus seeking damages of at least $1 million each. >> it is 120 trillion miles away or been a star called gliese 581g and it is causing a lot of excitement for astronomers. it is a planet that scientists believe may support life. >> so far, astronomers have discovered 500 far away worlds. none of them capable of
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supporting life. now they have found one that may possibly be like our own. >> it is the first time we have found a planet that has the right mass and distance to have lifted -- liquid water and a substantial atmosphere. >> people are fascinated by the idea of traveling to other worlds and may be finding caylee in life. nasa scientists did not find anyone they traveled to the moon. the other planets in our solar system are unlikely to harbor life either. if it is too close to the sun like mercury, it will be too hot. if it is too far like neptune, it will be too cold. it is like the story of goldilocks and her porridge. it is called exactly that, the goldilocks zone.
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>> if you get the right place where the temperature is right, then it seems really unlikely that we are the only place in the universe where there is life. >> there is the possibility that planets like ours may be common and the galaxy may be teeming with life. >> whiskey and pastis combined with a spot of exercise and the key to a long life. that is from the world'as old as living twins. >> identical -- identical twins, 98 years a peace. not looking a day above 1975. their first memory is their father leaving for the first world war. today, they share a house, still bent on living life to the full .
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>> we love dancing, cards. we have huge numbers of friends. that is the marvelous thing. today, it is tarot cards. they still go dancing of the club. mntil a few years ago,they swa regularly in the sea. kerr daughter, age 70 said that her mother and her aunts were always athletic. they always played sports. her mother played basketball in her late 60's. they have now been officially recognized by the guinness book of records as the world's oldest twins. the inevitable question, what is the secret potion? the answer is pastis. she has always had a thirst and
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that is the only thing that can satisfy it. >> now you know. those are other top stories. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> there is one stage that is the met and carnegie hall. >> o, that this too, too solid flesh -- >> it is the kennedy center. >> check, one, two. >> and a club in austin. >> it is closer than any seat in the house, no matter where you call home. >> the top of the world, and i'm there, i'm home. >> pbs -- the great american stage that fits in every living room. your support of pbs brings the arts home. >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
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